What is Collateral Desktop Analyses (CDA)

The purpose of the Collateral Desktop Analysis is to serve as a due diligence tool for private lenders, specifically the underwriter and loan committee to decide whether or not to fund a loan. The Collateral Desktop Analysis is essentially a 3rd party re-evaluation of the appraisal.

CDA- 01

Loan Application Process

When you apply for a mortgage or a loan secured by real estate, the lender may require a property appraisal to assess its value. A Collateral Desktop Analysis could be used as part of this process to determine the property's estimated value.

CDA- 02

Risk Mitigation

Lenders use property valuations to assess the risk associated with a loan. While Collateral Desktop Analysis can be efficient, it may not provide the same level of detail and accuracy as a traditional appraisal with a physical inspection. Therefore, it's essential for lenders to balance efficiency with risk mitigation.

CDA- 03

Data Utilization

A Collateral Desktop Analysis relies on data from various sources, such as property records, market trends, comparable sales, and other relevant information. Advanced analytical tools and models may be employed to process and interpret this data, providing a comprehensive view of the property's value.

CDA- 04

Market Trends and Conditions

The analysis takes into account current market trends and conditions, allowing for a real-time assessment of the property's value. This consideration is important in a dynamic real estate market where property values can change rapidly.

CDA- 05

Supplemental Information

Lenders may use a Collateral Desktop Analysis as a supplemental tool to support their decision-making process. While it may not replace traditional appraisals in all cases, it can provide additional insights and information.

CDA- 06

Loan Underwriting

The results of the Collateral Desktop Analysis contribute to the underwriting process. Lenders use the property valuation to determine the loan-to-value ratio and assess the overall risk associated with the mortgage.