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Receive an Offer from Dozens of Financing Entities Competing for Your Loan!

Personal Accompaniment of a Consultant - Until Funding is Received

Interested in purchasing a property in the US market and must finance on excellent terms?

Nadlan Capital Group finds for you the best offer for financing Real Estate in the US market, through a friendly and advanced interface that allows you to check eligibility in dozens of lending institutes & banks to get you the best loan terms!

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Are you interested in increasing the amount of assets you own with the help of American financing?

Are you interested in purchasing a property in the United States or have you already purchased a property, and you are interested in refinancing it or do an initial financing to extract the cash out of the investment?

Did you know that with our help you can get American funding even without a credit score, an American social security number or filing taxes in the United States?

Have you given up trying to carry out the loan process independently from a number of different banks and found that the process is long, difficult and tedious, and you need guidance and support in the process?

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We will help you step up in your real estate investments in the United States!

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You Are Not Alone

We take care of the success of your transaction, with financing offers from dozens of banks and financing institutes

Obtaining financing for real estate investments in the United States has become very difficult to obtain for foreign and domestic investors, so Nadlan Capital Group’s advisers enter the picture and personally accompany investors – until the financing is received.

Our financing consulting company was established in 2018 with the aim of making the process as efficient and easy as possible and with as few documents and exhausting bureaucracy as possible!

We have the tools and connections for the most attractive financing!

Nadlan Capital Group team consists of financing consultants with extensive experience in the world of real estate investments, who accompany clients from the moment they apply until they receive the financing.
The company works in cooperation with dozens of financing bodies, and frequently recruits additional financing bodies, in order to enable each client to receive a number of attractive offers and choose the best one.

For an offer from dozens of funding institutes

Nadlan Capital Group Financing Routes

New Construction

Financing for a real estate investment of a property under construction from the ground up

Rental Loans

Financing for the purchase of your next real estate transaction

Bridge Loans

Short-term financing solution for Fix & Flip renovation transactions and multi-family transactions


Financing existing income-producing assets with fixed and low interest rates for 30 years. You can finance a single asset or portfolio (a collection of assets)

All the reasons to go for it ...

With the professional guidance of Nadlan Capital Group consultants, the financing process becomes part of the investment experience. We have reduced the exhausting bureaucracy to a minimum to minimize the frustration that often accompanies the process of taking a loan – go for sure and enjoy fast financing and the best terms!

Preferred loan terms due to size advantage and inflow of large amount of loans to the financing entities

Most financing institutes do not work with end customers and can only be reached through a large institute such as our company

Flexibility - If a financing institutes can not finance the loan in the middle of the process, we can quickly transfer the loan to an alternate lender

Saving Time

Submit the application form once and receive offers from multiple lenders.

Full Accompaniment to the Client

A professional consultant on our behalf accompanies the client from the moment of contact until receiving the financing.

Dozens of Lending Institutes

The company has a large and diverse pool of financing entities that have been examined by us and that specialize in lending to foreign investors and Americans.

Professional Staff

The chances of success in obtaining funding are much higher compared to applying directly.

Response Speed

Prompt funding of the loan to minimize the chance of losing the transaction due to delays by the bank.

Excellent Terms

Receive an offer from many lenders to get you the absolute best terms since the financing entities compete for your loan.

High Success Rates

Providing alternative solutions in case of difficulties.


Financing experts who know how to help you choose the best financing institute.

How does it work?
Very Simple!


You will receive full support until the money is paid into your account


We will advise you on which loan offer is the best option for you


We obtain a number of financing offers for you


We perform together a characterization of the nature of the transaction


A personal finance consultant returns to you. We speak many languages!


The data is automatically passed to dozens of American financing institutes


Fill out a questionnaire – personal details and information about the transaction

Clients tell about the financing process with Nadlan Capital Group Consultants

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