Loan Processing Explained

After the borrower selects a lender to proceed, the file seamlessly transitions to the Nadlan processing team. The team facilitates a streamlined document submission process by providing the borrower with access to the loan portal for uploading the initial set of required documents. Once the requested documents are uploaded, they are promptly forwarded to the lender for comprehensive review. Following the lender's assessment, the Letter of Intent (LOI) is issued, outlining the initial loan terms. It's important to note that these initial terms are subject to potential adjustments based on factors such as US Treasury updates, FICO scores, Appraisal outcomes, and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).

Upon issuance of the LOI, the borrower is required to thoroughly review and sign the document. Subsequently, the appraisal is initiated, and the borrower receives a payment link for processing. Upon completion of the appraisal inspection, a comprehensive appraisal report is expected within 4 to 5 business days. Once received, the loan transitions to the underwriting phase for a thorough review and approval process.

Upon approval by the underwriter, the lender provides the final term sheet, which is shared with the borrower for their careful review, approval of terms, and rate locking. The loan undergoes a final review by the closing team to ensure all necessary documents are in order. Upon receipt of all required documents, the loan is marked as Cleared to Close (CTC) and progresses to the closing phase.

The closing team initiates communication with the title company to secure the title documents and clearance. Upon receipt, the HUD is prepared and shared with the borrower for review. Simultaneously, the closing documents are meticulously prepared. Once the closing documents are ready, the signing date and time are confirmed by the title company. The borrower is then required to be present at the designated location on the specified date and time for the signing.

Upon completion of the signing, the documents are promptly returned to the lender for a final review. Once the lender receives and verifies the signed documents, the loan amount is wired to the borrower, concluding the successful loan process.


The initial escrow payment is reimbursed either when the borrower's loan is successfully funded or when the rate increases by the sum specified in the signed escrow agreement.

Processing Workflow

Loan Stages & Status

Lender - Processing Flow Chart

Nadlan - Processing Flow Chart