Information for those who like to register as a mortgage broker

What does a mortgage broker mean?

If you are in the business of accompanying investors, were you an entrepreneur of the week or simply know many clients or students who are interested in receiving loans in the US after a comprehensive tender of hundreds of financing entities – and you have a client who wants to take out a mortgage? He comes to your website, fills out the application form and he Register with us as your customer.

What is important to us in partnership with you?


Each of your clients is registered in our system and you will receive commissions on them for every future loan – from our end to Nadar, we usually give a commission only for the first loan or with a time limit.

You can completely remove our logo from the link you send to the customer or the code on your website by inserting your own replacement logo – the customer does not even know who we are before filling out the contact form, so he will not be able to bypass you.


In our registration as brokers of other lenders, we experienced a lack of transparency – we had no follow-up of the progress of the loan from beginning to end, and we did not receive the commissions we were due.

We are here to change exactly what bothered us – you have complete monitoring of the progress of the loan from beginning to end, just like the borrower.


We believe that the fees paid to you will be at our expense and not at the expense of the borrower – the borrower will pay exactly the same if it comes through you or directly to us – we share our fees with you.

What we have seen with other Landers is that they load your commission into the customer’s closing – we don’t do that! We just earn less.

To be attractive, our fees are already the lowest in the industry for the benefit of the borrower – and you are our partners – we do all the work and keep a team of 14 employees on salary and pay for the best technology systems for loan management – and you receive passive income.

The extent of your involvement in the loan process is up to you – you have access to exactly the same portal as your borrower and you can refresh every day to see the status of the loan – just like your client – and see where it is in the process and know when you are due money.

The amount of the commission

1/3 of what we get – just easy and fair.

The expenses and work are on us – you receive net income for the referral.

The commission is taken from us and not charged to the customer.

There are loans – especially the small ones – that you receive more from us, especially in cases where the loan is prolonged – we pay salaries to 13 staff members and a loan that takes longer probably costs us more. Also, our staff receives bonuses at the closing in addition to the salary, and this comes out of our pocket and does not affect what you receive.

How will you know how much we get?

So everything with us is full transparency for the customer and you – our website has a table of costs known in advance according to the borrower’s plan – regular or premium, and the amount of the loan.

Also, at the end of the loan – you will receive a screenshot of the area in the HUD that shows the broker’s commission – what is written there – you get 1/3 without any wisdom right after we receive our commission.

We do not play with our partners’ money.

We can tell you that we been hurt from other lender’s referrals programs ourselves, and said that with us it would be different – we referred over 200 customers to a well-known Israeli Lander and from them, we received only 500 dollars twice! A total of $1000 out of 200 loans. a joke.

No transparency and no tracking.

We believe in – don’t do what you hate to your friend, so everything we saw in the referral program that we didn’t like – we made sure he didn’t have it.

Registration in the broker system

Register on the site for the broker system with your details. No need to have a license. You can fill in a phone number instead of a license number and choose the option of partners.

Registration option without our logo - White Label

You can upload your logo in the registration and then your customers who come to your website don’t even know about our existence until after the referral and the start of the loan auction.

Confirmation of registration and receipt of a code for embedding on the website

After registration, you will update us so that we can approve the application – we will issue you three codes from the system that allow a different presentation of the loan application form. Examples can be seen by clicking below.

So what is included in the codes you receive

Code for opening an income loan form for your website with your private logo (no mention of us):
1. A code that includes automatic scrolling
2. Code without automatic scrolling
3. Multi-step code – the questionnaire will be on several pages and on several different pages

Why are there several codes?
So that you can choose what is more suitable for the visibility and design of your website and the user experience you want for your customers who fill out a questionnaire to start a loan

Direct links to the form if you don't have a website

Beyond that, if you don’t have a website, you get two dedicated links that you can send to your customers.

In the examples below you can see direct links to the form that you can send to your customers, a link with a multi-step form – a form that includes several filling steps, and a link with a regular form.

Direct links to the form if you don't have a website

Want to join us as mortgage brokers?

Very simple – fill out the joining form on the website – by clicking below.